How to Wash and Care for Your Jude’s Miracle Cloth

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While washing instructions for your Jude’s Miracle Cloth can be located on the back of our packaging, many of our customers come to realize they’ve thrown out the package and inserts and can’t remember how to wash & care for their Jude’s!

That’s why we’ve taken a moment to jot down the most important steps for cleaning your cloth!

Here’s How To Do It

If your Jude’s is really dirty or has picked up oils or grease, it’s best to wash it before your next cleaning. Otherwise, a thorough rinse in water a good squeeze and hang to dry is sufficient for the next use.

You can hand wash your Jude’s in the sink with any dish soap or detergent, or you can throw it in the washing machine in cold water or up to 190*F / 90* C hot water.  

Please note that we recommend washing your Jude’s with lint-free items, as lint and fluff can transfer onto the cloth from towels etc. and may cause pilling on your cloth and streaking.

Soaking in or adding an oxy-type whitener to your wash is recommended to remove stains. You can use bleach, but remember that bleach will shorten the life of your cloth and any other materials.

Very hot temperatures will compress the fibers in your Jude's and will affect the cleaning power of your Jude's.

DO NOT use fabric softeners

Fabric softeners coat the cloth fibers which may cause streaking and it also limits the absorbency. If this happens, wash your Jude’s again to remove the fabric softener. It may take a few washes to remove all of it.

We Recommend - HANG TO AIR DRY

Don’t worry! Jude’s Miracle Cloths dry very quickly. 3-4 times faster than regular woven cloths. Putting them in the dryer may cause pilling, and will attract lint or fluff, which may cause streaking. If you do want to put them in the dryer, use the low setting and dry with lint & fluff-free items & remember not to put a dryer sheet in with them.

Remember: Very hot temperatures will compress the fibers in your cloth and will affect the cleaning power and life of your Jude's.

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