Chemical-free cleaning

Certified Safe

Cleaning without harsh chemicals makes your home safe for your children and pets.

Chemical free cleaning

Certified Safe

Cleaning without harsh chemicals makes your home safe for your children and pets.

Windows, Mirrors, Stainless Steel & more

Just use water. Glass and surfaces will dry spotless and streak-free! It's that easy. How to use


Reduce your household waste. Replace paper towels & countless cleaning products. Read more

Remove Bacteria Chemical-Free!

Scientifically proven to remove 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces with water alone. Read more

Baby and Pet Safe

Jude's lets you clean without harsh chemicals. Keeping your home safe for your children and pets.

Premium Lint & Scratch Free Microfiber

Will not scratch any surface. Perfect for eye-glasses, TV's, screens, electronics, cars, boats, stainless steel, countertops & more. How it works

Traps dirt, dust, grease and spills

Absorbs up to 400% it's own weight. Holds in particles until washed clean. How it works

Taking good care

As a family company, we’ve done our due diligence to ensure that our products are not only effective, but are also safe to be in your home and around your loved ones.


Pet-Friendly Cleaning

Pets are more vulnerable to common household chemicals than you may think.

Pet Safe

A Bone-a-fide
Pet-Friendly Option

Pets are more vulnerable to common household chemicals than you may think.

Shop Miracle Cloths

Replace countless hosehold cleaning products.

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Smudge free. Fingerprint free. Bacteria Free.

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"He's a drooler."

I have a 200 lbs Great Dane and she's a drooler. For the last 6 years I've not been able to easily clean her drool off of my walls, floor and windows. I've had to soak and scrub with many different products, all of which didn't really work. I bought your cloth, tried it, and the drool came off with very little effort! I even used it to get the bug guts off the front of my car! I will be buying your cloth for all of my friends and giving it to them for Christmas.
– Janice

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"Cleaned the never ending doggy paw prints"

I used my Jude's Miracle cloth today to clean the never ending doggy paw prints from my sliding glass door and it looked so amazing I carried on and cleaned all the windows inside and out. Then I used it to dust. Now I'm heading outside to do my car windows. I've decided no more chemicals in my home so this is a perfect solution for me. Thanks Jude!

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Professional Cleaner's Review

I have been cleaning houses for 18 years! This is the most amazing product I have tried that does what it says it will do. Funny thing is one of my clients has had this hanging in her garage for several years and I just tryed it today! I will be ordering some for sure!!!

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Better than Norwex!
Five ⭐️ Facebook Review

I have used a variety of "streak free" cloths before, including Norwex, and this one beats them HANDS down! I used it on my floors, my cupboards, windows, appliances, vehicles - everywhere! Very happy with product!

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My sister bought me one, they are simply the best cloth and everything they say on the package is true, use on glass, stainless steel appliances, mirrors, chrome, wood... and more. Rinse or machine wash and use again and again. YES!!!

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"The most amazing cloth I have ever bought"

Does exactly what it says it will do - have never found anything else that comes close!!

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