Why Choose Jude's

In addition to providing a great clean, Jude’s is dedicated to protecting your family and the planet.

Kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals, and paper towels goodbye! With Jude’s Miracle Cloth, you’ll never need them again!

Not only will Jude’s Miracle Cloth replace these items, but it will also provide a better, healthier, and more thorough clean. Jude’s Miracle Cloth is eco-friendly, child safe, and pet safe! And did we mention that there’s also a Jude’s for Dudes?


Eco Friendly


Just one Jude’s Miracle Cloth will replace a year or more’s worth of paper towel. Re-usable after a simple wash in the laundry, Jude’s will save you money and help to preserve the planet.

Child Safe

Child Safe

With Jude’s Miracle Cloth, there’s no need to clean your home with potentially harmful disinfectants and detergents. Jude’s Miracle Cloth does all the work, so you never have to expose your children to chemicals that can cause irritation to their skin, or be toxic if consumed.

Pet Safe

Pet Safe

To keep our floors and surfaces clean, many of us turn to chemicals to fight the dirt and grime. However, these surfaces are where our pets spend most of their time, and ingesting harmful chemicals can make them sick. With Jude’s, these concerns fade away.

For Dudes

Jude’s for Dudes

Jude’s are for Dudes too? You got it! Dudes all over the world are using the ‘Jude’s for Dude’s’ cloth to clean and polish their motorcycles, cars, and other automotive toys! The cloth leaves no streaks, no scratches, and no pesky water spots!


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