Cleaning Your Glass Surfaces With Jude’s

  • 2 min read

While many Jude’s Miracle Cloth users use their cloths to wipe and remove dirt and grime from their steel appliances, our users are always finding other new and exciting ways to put Jude’s to good use!

Below we’ve assembled a list of some of our favourite glass-cleaning Jude’s uses! Check them out!

Eye Glasses

You may not have thought about using Jude’s for your eye glasses, computer screens, or phone screens, but some of our users can’t rave enough about how effectively our cloth is cleaning these surfaces! Our tip is to cut your Jude’s Miracle Cloth into smaller squares and to keep them in your purse, glasses case, and desk! You never know when you might need one to wipe away those pesky fingerprints!

Glass Tables

Great as a stocking-stuffers or hostess gift, Jude’s Miracle Cloth cleans glass doors and tables like no other! Leaving no water spots, streaks, or scratches, Jude’s will make your glass table shine!

Glass Ware

While every dishwasher is different, if you hold a glass taken directly from the dishwasher under a light, you can see exactly how much water and mineral residue remains on it. Be prepared for drop-in visitors by simply using your damp Jude's Miracle Cloth to wipe down glassware and flatware as you empty your dishwasher. Try it and witness the remarkable results!


Dear Jude,

I was just cleaning my computer screen and figured that my eyeglass cleaner would work the best. But as I wiped over it, I noticed it didn't pick up the little spots on the screen. When my roommate suggested I try the Jude's Miracle Cloth I was skeptical, but wow! One quick wipe with warm water and my screen was spotless. I am truly amazed.

Robyn T

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