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Yes! There really is a Jude!

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Judy (Jude) is a third generation retailer. Judy always knew she was destined to work in sales and to bring amazing products to the marketplace.

Toronto CN Tower

As a mother of four, Judy has expressed her creative side in a few of her own enterprises over the years. However, her career shifted gears the day she used a microfiber cloth for the very first time in 2008. Identifying an incredible opportunity, she researched microfiber and a new business began. ‘Jude’s Miracle Cloth’ was a natural choice – Judy had been tenderly called ‘Jude’ for years, and the cloth, she vowed, did clean like a miracle!

Judy’s children and grandchildren chipped in to help the business grow – fulfilling orders, managing social media profiles, creating branding materials, attending local street festivals, demonstrating in stores and offering their support in any way they could. Judy's daughter Renée started helping out early on, a few days a week, but that quickly changed to working with her mom full-time.

Jude's Miracle Cloth is now run by a dynamite Canadian Mother-Daughter team!

Judy and her daughter Renée work together to bring you first class eco-friendly products.

Thanks to word of mouth (and a lot of hard work), Jude’s Miracle Cloth is now physically available in three countries and can be ordered online worldwide!

In awe of their success, Judy and Renée continue to bring quality personal service and incredible products to the marketplace - they’re even working on developing more amazing and trustworthy Jude’s products!

Built on the foundation of providing quality products that actually work and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals in your home, Jude’s Miracle Cloth will help you to achieve the clean you’ve always dreamed of. 

It's not clean until it's Jude's clean!

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