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Kid Shouting about Jude's Miracle Cloth

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Skeptical that Jude’s is as great as we say it is? Our growing community of Jude’s Miracle Cloth customers have this to say:

“I really didn’t believe the cloth would work so well. I have a new home and could never seem to get streak free glass, mirrors, etc. Jude's cloth didn't let me down. Now I am buying more and telling everyone. Amazing!!!!”

“I love you Jude.  I clean everything with you.  Mirrors, windows, counters, tile, furniture, pictures, appliances.  I now have 4 of you.  Best discovery ever.  Thanks for being you.”
- Nina

“I love this cloth! Talk about a quick clean up for counters, stainless steel appliances, glass tables, windows, etc. I'll never be without one!”
- Valerie

“I have a 200 lbs Great Dane and she's a drooler. For the last 6 years I've not been able to easily clean her drool off of my walls, floor and windows. I've had to soak and scrub with many different products, all of which didn't really work. I bought your cloth, tried it, and the drool came off with very little effort! I even used it to get the bug guts off the front of my car! I will be buying your cloth for all of my friends and giving it to them for Christmas.”

“I was just cleaning my computer screen and figured that my eye glass cleaner would work the best. But as I wiped over it, I noticed it didn't pick up the little spots on the screen. When my roommate suggested I try the Jude's Miracle Cloth I was skeptical, but wow! One quick wipe with warm water and my screen was spotless. I am truly amazed.”

“I was in my neighborhood drug store and came upon this cloth. When I came home, I tried it on everything. Wow it's fantastic. My sister dropped in for a coffee and showed her how it worked. Now she is a true believer. I have to hurry back to town to get a few more. Can I order a dozen or more from you?

“I can’t live without my Miracle Cloth! I’ve gotten all of my friends hooked on them too!”

“Got one for Christmas and WOW. It does exactly what you say without added chemistry. Straight up water, nothing more. This IS actually a streak free shine! Where have you been all my life?”
- Heather

“I love this cloth. I have four of them. One in the kitchen, one for the car, one for the upstairs, and one just in case someone wants one!”
- Tina

“I can't express how happy I am cleaning my windows. I have tried everything over the past 40 years - newspapers, cleansers, vinegar, lemon juice - and I always ended up with streaks. Now I use the cloth and water and I have the cleanest windows ever - streak free! I don't even have to dry them. I love this product!”

“I'm a co-owner of a residential cleaning business and recently I was at a new clients' home who had asked me to use natural products because she had cancer. I was happy to comply, but when I was there she asked me if I had ever heard of Jude's Miracle Cloth. My answer was no. She handed it to me and asked me to use nothing but water with it and clean as I normally would. I was AMAZED!! It cleaned all her marble, tile, stainless steel, windows, granite and wood to a streak free shine so easily! I was so impressed I asked her where she got it and immediately got myself one. Excited to start using it at all my clients’ homes and showing them how great it is!!”

"I received my Miracle Cloth yesterday, and it has already way exceeded expectations. I have an entire mirrored wall in my condo by the ocean, and it has been a nightmare to clean. This morning, with the sun shining brightly on it, I cleaned the entire wall in about 5 minutes. It would usually take me over an hour for that task, cleaning them more than once to eliminate as much streaking as possible. Unbelievable. Thank you!!"
- Eve-Marie

“Thanks for this amazing product. I suddenly like cleaning. Weird but good.”
- Alina

“Totally Impressed!  Your product is over the top! Just tried it out and nearly knocked myself out in the process...literally!! Our patio doors were in dire need of a good cleaning and I was so impressed with no streaking and no lint residue.  Later on that afternoon I was headed outside onto our patio deck and ran right into the patio door!!  This is a true story.  Your cloth is definitely a game changer!! I also bought a cloth for my neighbour who is very impressed. Also really like your support of "Friends of the Earth! Wishing you continued success and will definitely be spreading the word! Your unique cloth is definitely a "gift that keeps on giving"!!”
- Sharon B.

Good morning,
I have never done this before but I just had to email you about your cloths.
I first saw them 2 days ago and I reluctantly bought one to try.
Most of our furniture is glass and they were always streaky and looked awful.
We tried your cloth, I should say my husband, as he does all of the dusting/cleaning, and he was blown away as to how the cloth worked.
Never have we seen everything so sparkly clean!!!!!!
I went back yesterday and bought 5 more.
Today I'm going to buy more in case they run out!!
Honestly, my husband was searching this morning for more things to clean.
I am telling everyone about your product.
Thank you. 😁😁

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