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How To Clean Your Exterior Windows With Jude’s

How To Clean Your Exterior Windows With Jude’s

When it’s time to clean your exterior windows, using a Jude's will make the job easier! After all, there's nothing quite like seeing the sun glint off sparkling glass!

But how do you effectively clean your outside windows from top to bottom? Jude’s Miracle Cloth has the perfect chemical-free and streak-free solution.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Best thing to use is flat head mop (like a Swiffer). Measure it and if it is too large for the mop head, cut your Jude’s Miracle Cloth in half to fit.
  2. Dampen your Jude’s for maximum pick-up.
  3. Attach and secure one half to the flat head mop. Save the other half for when the other gets dirty.
  4. Wipe the mop on your exterior windows.
  5. Be sure to rinse your Jude’s Miracle Cloth really well as it gets dirty while cleaning as any accumulated dirt on the cloth may scratch the window.
  6. Watch as the dust, bugs, streaks, and dirt wash away! 

Cleaning with a mop as your extended arm is hugely beneficial for those with muscle aches, back problems, arthritis, and other pains. Plus, Jude’s is so effective that there’s no need to spend your whole day scrubbing and putting pressure on your body to get those windows clean!

You can also use this cleaning method to wash your tile and hard wood floors, as well as your interior windows. The possibilities are endless! 

Stay tuned as we release more exciting tips and tricks on how to use Jude’s! Happy Cleaning!