Why Your Jude's Miracle Cloth Might Be Leaving Streaks

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One of our customers sent us a message asking about streaks.
She said: 

"I have been a fan of Jude's cloths for years. Lately I have noticed they don’t perform as well anymore. I have never used fabric softeners and hang them to dry. Why are my windows getting streaks on them now?" 

This problem is usually caused by one or more of a few things -

1) The rinse cycle on your machine may have not have adequately rinsed the cloth from detergent residue. Perhaps it was in a large load and/or the water level was too low to adequately rinse your laundry.


2) The cloth was not washed or rinsed well enough if it was hand-washed. There could still be some dirt or oily residue embedded in the fibers from a previous clean that needs another wash to be released.  This is often the case that another good wash in warm or fairly hot (not boiling) water will take care of.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some soaps have a moisturizing and softening element to them. This could be the cause of some streaking with your Jude's. This would require using a different soap to clean your Jude's to eliminate streaks or rinse it extremely well after washing.  Jude's cloths are particularly good at absorbing oily substances.


3) It may have been washed with some fuzzy (like towels or washcloths) or loosely woven fabric items and there are now pills on your Jude's that may cause streaks.

4) They may be getting close to the end of their streak-free life and should be relegated to cleaning floors or to doing dirtier jobs. They can also be used dry or barely damp to dust your home or it's simply time to be moved into the rag bin.  

This happens after using the cloth for a while. This timing is dependent on the frequency and usage.

Professional cleaning companies often restock every 6 -12 months after daily usage.

5) Could anyone else have used a cleaning product on the windows or mirrors? Cleaning product residue causes streaking when using a damp Jude's after a the  product was used and has dried and left a thin film on the surface. You can try a vinegar rinse to get the film off of the surface. A baking soda paste can also be used.

6) When you start to see that your Jude's is not consistently doing a great job anymore, it may be time to replace your Jude's and move the old faithful to the rag bin.

Our manufacturer has not changed their method as they have a worldwide patent for this cloth and there are no chemicals or solvents used in their manufacture. It is not a woven cloth - it is spun. They only use water and extremely high pressure to 'spin' the micro-material strands into shape. That is why it does not fray if cut and maintains its shape.

So it could not be anything coming from inside the fabric itself. 

We suggest to give it another really good wash in very warm water and give it an extra rinse then hang to dry. 

*Remember to never use fabric softener in your wash when you are cleaning your Jude's. It leaves a coating on the cloth that impedes the cleaning ability of the cloth.


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