Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.

What surfaces can I use my Jude's on?

Just about anything you can imagine! Jude's are made with endless microfiber strands 100 times thinner than a human hair, so they are lint-free and scratch-free. Perfect for for almost every surface, including sensitive surfaces. They are not only for your windows & mirrors - they are great for cleaning your cars, motorcycles and boats. They will not scratch expensive paint, gel coats and chrome - even on your precious vintage cars! Here are a few things that you can use your Jude's on:

Windows – mirrors –  plexiglass & acrylic – patio doors – shower doors – sinks – faucets – ceramic cooktops - drinking glasses – crystal – china – flatware – every kind of stone countertop – glass top tables - stainless steel appliances – wall & floor tiles – hardwood floors – vinyl floors – laminated floors – tv screens – computer screens – cell phones – tablets – all leather, vinyl & microfiber upholstery – plastic and glass furniture – cars – motorcycles – boats – RVs – jet skis – gel coats – chrome – fiberglass – clear coats – windshields – helmets – visors – sunglasses – eyeglasses – delicate piano & furniture finishes – camera lenses – picture frames – jewelry – musical instruments – copper – silver – gold – brass and so much more…

In the summer your Jude's will even take the smashed bugs, bird droppings and sap droplets off your car & boat, windshields, hoods and helmet visors, paint & gel coats and fiberglass with just water!  

*** NEVER use your Jude's if you drop it on the floor or ground. It can pick up particles and then scratch and damage the surfaces you are cleaning.  ALWAYS rinse your Jude's very well if you drop it on the floor or the ground before continuing to use it. ***


Jude's has 3 colours of cloths. Do they all work the same?

The 3 colours of Jude's can all be used on all surfaces. 
The white & blue cloths are exactly the same weight of cloth.
The grey cloth is a bit lighter and thinner to get into seams, tight places and nooks & crannies better.
If you wish you may allocate a colour for different jobs such as white for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom & grey for dirtier jobs, it is up to you. All the colours work equally well on windows, mirrors & every aspect of cleaning. 


My Jude's accidentally went in the wash with fabric softener. Is it ruined?

No, your Jude's is fine. Wash your Jude's again to remove the fabric softener. If you still get some streaking or it's not working as great as usual, you may have to wash it again.


My Jude's accidentally went in the dryer. Is it ruined?

The reason we prefer you to air-dry your Jude's is to avoid lint getting attached to your cloth in the dryer and to avoid fabric softener.  Putting them in the dryer shortens the life of the cloth, may cause pilling and will attract lint or fluff which may cause streaking. 

If you want to machine dry your Jude's, use the low setting and tumble dry with lint-free items and remember NOT to add a fabric softener sheet.  Drying on a higher heat level may damage your cloth.


Can I bleach my Jude's?

Yes, you can bleach your Jude's. Remember that bleaching shortens the life of any fabric. Also try using an oxy-type stain remover, they work well too! Your Jude's may hold on to stains in the fabric but once there, they are trapped and will not transfer onto another surface. 


With the Covid issue, I want to use a disinfectant to kill germs in my home. The Jude's instructions say to use water only. Will the harsh chemicals hurt my Jude's?

No, these disinfectant chemicals will not hurt your Jude's. You can use your Jude's with any of your cleaning products. We just like the fact that Jude's will pick up 99% of bacteria using water only, without using chemicals. Washing your cloth will get rid of the germs.


I saw that you can use Jude's as a personal mask material. Is this true?

Yes, absolutely! We would recommend using our grey cloth as it is a little lighter and  thinner and you can breathe through it better than the slightly thicker white & blue cloths. They are easy to cut and sew and they are washable.

In March 2020, lab tests done by the French government showed that the microfiber cloth weighing 100 grams per square meter (our grey cloth) filters out 96.7% of airborne particles as small as 3 microns. (Very very tiny particles).

You can cut, sew & dye all of our Jude's just like any other fabric to use for making masks, making cleaning mitts, bags, crafts or to make covers for delicate items. The edges do not fray so you do not have to stich to reinforce them, making sewing a piece quicker & easier.


SHIPPING - How long will it take to get my Jude's once I have ordered it?

All packages are shipped via Canada Post Standard Mail from Ontario, Canada. Shipping time will vary depending on where you live.  When the postal system is running smoothly, packages typically take two weeks to arrive, but with delays & closures associated with COVID-19, sometimes packages can take up to 30 days to deliver.  We sincerely appreciate your patience!

Small orders are shipped as standard letter-mail and Canada Post does not issue tracking numbers with them. Most larger orders (over 200 grams in weight) do come with tracking numbers.

If you would like to add tracking on a small order, it will cost substantially more. Please contact us asap after receiving your order confirmation to get us to add X-Press Post to your order and collect your payment.


My Jude's is not working as well as it used to and I'm getting some streaks now.

Here is a list of reasons why this could occur.

-Our cloths do last a long time but when they start to leave streaks it is probably time to replace them

- If any cleaning product has been used on the surface you are cleaning before getting your Jude's - it must be removed first. Try using vinegar and water to remove the old cleaning solution residue from your window or mirror. Our customers have reported that this has worked for them.

- Do not use fabric softener in the wash & make sure they are well rinsed after washing.

- It may have gone in the dryer and attracted fluff or lint from other items in the wash

-Most importantly after you wet the cloth you must wring out the water really well until the cloth is just damp.

- Keep your older Jude's to use as a rag, use on your flat mop to clean the floor and to reach higher dirty exterior windows or use as a duster.  There is still life left in your Jude's!


Can I cut my Jude's into different sizes?

Yes, absolutely. Jude's is a non-woven fabric and will not fray. We have cut ours down to fit a flat head mop. This works great to use on your floors or high windows inside or outside.

**You can also cut, sew & dye Jude's cloths just like any other fabric to use for crafts, to make masks, cleaning mitts, bags or to make covers for delicate items. As the edges do not fray, you do not have to stitch to reinforce them, which makes sewing a piece quicker & easier.


I'm getting water spots left on my windows after cleaning. Why is this happening?

The general rule is not to clean your windows in direct sunlight. The heat of the sun causes the water to dry too quickly which can leave spots.  Or you may not have wrung your Jude's out well enough. Be sure to wring your Jude's out really well.  You could also have very hard water in your area which may leave mineral deposits.


Can I reuse the bag Jude's comes in and is it recyclable?

Yes, please reuse our bag!  This bag is sturdy to hold many different kinds of items, is also food safe and resealable with a zip closure.

It is a polypropylene bag that can be recycled. Check with your municipality. Many regions like York Region in Ontario now have a special Plastic Bag Take-Back Program.

Recycled plastic bags are used to make things like new plastic bags, plastic lumber, patio furniture and park benches, battery cables, brooms, brushes, auto battery cases, ice scrapers, landscape borders, bicycle racks, rakes, bins, pallets & trays!  So please recycle them when you are done with the bag.


I have a store and would love to carry Jude's. How do I do this?

We'd love to talk to you about that! Visit our 'Wholesale' page on our top menu and drop us a line at or give us a call at 905-656-0167.

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