Jude's for Dudes

Jude’s are for Dudes too? You got it!

‘Jude’s for Dudes’ are made with the same incredible quality as our original Jude’s Miracle Cloth. Great as Christmas stocking-stuffers or a Father’s Day gift for him!

Not just for mirrors, windows and stainless steel. Our grey Jude's does it all, but they are a little thinner than our white and blue cloths. This allows you to get into tight seams and crevices in your vehicles better.  

That’s right! You can use the ‘Jude’s for Dudes’ grey cloth to clean your precious truck, motorcycle, boat, jet-ski and car!

We know that you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your automobiles, which is why you only use the highest quality of cloth to clean them.

The Jude’s grey cloth:

  • Never Smudges
  • Never Streaks
  • Never Leaves spots
  • Never Scratches (Not even on your expensive or vintage paint finishes, gel coats or chrome!)

So kiss your chemical based cleaner goodbye! With the ‘Jude’s for Dudes’ cloth, your motor vehicles will shine with water alone!

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! Cotton cloths just push dirt and moisture around, leaving your vehicles dirty and streaky. Jude’s however, lifts and traps dirt and moisture, leaving your windshields & vehicles clean, dry, and polished – every time!

Our Jude's will even take sap droplets, dried bugs and bird droppings off your windshield and visors without scraping! 

The secret is in the microfiber!

All of Jude's Miracle Cloths are made up of tiny continuous fibres, 100 times finer than human hair! These fibres trap and absorb dirt and oil, and due to their innovative pie-wedged fiber slpitting, will never scratch any surface! They are a little thinner than our original Jude’s which helps to get into the tight nooks-and-crannies in your vehicles. This is the best automotive cleaning and detailing cloth on the market!

And yes, if you’d like to score some brownie points by cleaning the stove, ‘Jude’s for Dudes’ can help you with that too! They do the same great cleaning inside & outside your home job as our other Jude's Miracle Cloths. We’re confident you’ll love it!

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