What Can I Clean With My Jude's?

  • 3 min read

You can clean just about anything you can imagine!

Jude's are made with endless microfiber strands 100-200 times thinner than a human hair and are lint-free and scratch-free. Perfect for for almost every surface, including sensitive surfaces.

They are not only for your windows & mirrors - they are great for cleaning your cars, motorcycles and boats. They will not scratch expensive vehicle paint, gel coats and chrome - even on your precious vintage cars! Here are a few things that you can use your Jude's on:

Windows – mirrors –  plexiglass & acrylic – patio doors – shower doors – sinks – faucets – ceramic cooktops - drinking glasses – crystal – china – flatware – every kind of stone countertop – glass top tables - stainless steel appliances – wall & floor tiles – hardwood floors – vinyl floors – laminated floors – tv screens – computer screens – cell phones – tablets – all leather, vinyl & microfiber upholstery – plastic and glass furniture – cars – motorcycles – boats – RVs – jet skis – gel coats – chrome – fiberglass – clear coats – windshields – helmets – visors – sunglasses – eyeglasses – delicate piano & furniture finishes – camera lenses – picture frames – jewelry – musical instruments – copper – silver – gold – brass and so much more…

In the summer your Jude's will even take the smashed bugs, bird droppings and sap droplets off of your car, motorcycle & boat windshields, vehicle hoods and helmet visors, paint, gel coats and fiberglass using just water!  No chemicals needed!

*We have also been told by our customers that their Jude's will also take the crusty salt spray and particles from windows and sliding doors & boat windshields if you live by the sea or ocean.   BONUS!

Speaking of boats and living by the water, Jude's will also help keep your jet skis, & boats sparkling clean. There's water all around you to rinse your Jude's while cleaning! Get the dried up sticky ice cream messes off your boat upholstery and deck. Keep your galley kitchen & heads clean without added chemicals which is better for the environment and your holding tank.

Use your Jude's dry for dusting and very slightly wet for general cleaning. The best way to use your Jude's is with as little water as possible. You don't want it soaking wet so wring it out very well. If you're cleaning very dirty windows or items, use a standard cloth and soapy water to wash all the dirt off first. If your items aren't very dirty, use Jude's by itself with a little water. You can use your Jude's to clean virtually any hard surface. 


Here are a few important tips about using your Jude's:

NEVER use your Jude's if you drop it on the ground or if it gets grit on it from a very dirty surface. It can pick up particles and then scratch and damage the surfaces you are cleaning. 

ALWAYS rinse your Jude's very well if you drop it or are cleaning a very dirty surface before continuing to use it. 

TO TACKLE REALLY DIRTY JOBS, we recommend to use a hose or rag first to get off the heavy dirt first as it could possibly stain your Jude's and will reduce the risk of grit or large particles getting in your cloth. 



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