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Jude’s Miracle Cloth ditches the chemicals and uses only water to clean.

jude's miracle cloth is child safe

At Jude’s Miracle Cloth we know the tough realities of trying to keep a home clean while also parenting small children. Scrubbing, wiping, and cleaning-up can feel never-ending, and the chemicals that are typically used to clean our home’s surfaces, can seriously harm our kids.

Jude’s Miracle Cloth presents an un-matched solution.

Fingerprints be gone!

Requiring only water to remove the little fingerprints on your windows (and doors, and tables, and appliances… even stainless steel!) Jude’s also removes the risk of your child being exposed to, or ingesting, cleaning product toxins.

In addition, our cloth itself is certified safe to be around babies and children. As a family company, we’ve done our due diligence to ensure that our products are not only effective, but are also safe to be in your home and around your loved ones.

Did you know?

Children are more vulnerable to chemicals because:

  • Children typically have higher intake of air, water, and food (in relation to their body mass).
  • Children’s bodies are less able to process and eliminate chemicals.
  • Exposure to certain chemicals during pregnancy and early childhood can cause developmental defects and negative effects on a child’s health.
  • Exposure to chemicals during youth can lead to longer-term exposures, which affect health in adulthood.


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“I'm a busy mom with a dirty house. There I said it! Ouch, that did hurt! Seriously though, my husband is a tradesman (who comes home with dirty hands and touches stuff). My toddler is a sticky, messy kiddo, and we have 2 dogs tracking in dirt/mud and licking stuff. I am busy all the time… and I just can't keep up with housework. A while ago, when I was at a cute little craft/home goods store I saw the Jude's Miracle Cloth at the checkout… OMG it's seriously incredible! I cleaned all the windows in my house today inside and out. WHAT?! Yes, me! I went back to the store and bought 6 more today! Thanks for making my life a lot easier, my windows so clear/streak-free, and everything in sight sparklier and cleaner!”
- Robyn O.

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