Pet Safe

Pets are more vulnerable to common household chemicals and toxins than you may think.

Pet Safe

As pets tend to roll, lie, and travel closer to the ground than humans, they’re more likely to encounter harmful substances that stick to carpets and floor spaces.

Even when toxic cleaners are stored away and their caps are closed, vapours get left behind. Chlorine, for example, left over on your tables, toilets, or appliances, can damage an animal’s skin and eyes.

By eliminating harsh cleaning chemicals from your home, and replacing them with Jude’s Miracle Cloth, you’re not only protecting your human family, but also the animals you love.

Fighting Pet Messes

Jude’s Miracle Cloth is also an incredible tool for eliminating pet messes! Just take it from Janice, the loving mother of a 200lbs Great Dane!

“I have a 200 lbs Great Dane and she's a drooler. For the last 6 years I've not been able to easily clean her drool off of my walls, floor and windows. I've had to soak and scrub with many different products, all of which didn't really work. I bought your cloth, tried it, and the drool came off with very little effort! I even used it to get the bug guts off the front of my car! I will be buying your cloth for all of my friends and giving it to them for Christmas.”
– Janice

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