Jude’s works to reduce waste and a need for polluting chemicals.

eco friendly jude's miracle cloth

Before Jude’s, an efficient cleaning could hardly be achieved without the help of dozens of dangerous chemical products, which harm our environment. These same products are responsible for the water and air pollution that endangers our eco-system and threatens not only our health, but also the health of all living things within our environment.

Paper Towels

Paper towel is no better. The paper industry is a major source of toxic chemical by-products, such as mercury, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorine compounds, and biocides.

These emissions contribute to:

  • Ozone Warnings
  • Acid Rain
  • Global Warming
  • Respiratory Problems

Papermaking is also energy intensive and produces a large amount of solid waste when products are carelessly discarded.

Cotton Cloths

Even cotton, the material most commonly used in cleaning cloths, cannot be considered environmentally friendly. Cotton requires a large amount of water and the use of pesticides to grow. Cotton cultivation has caused pollution and serious soil damage in most of its growing regions. Genetically modified cotton causes other hazards as well, such as the development of new forms of pests, and its uncontrolled proliferation.

With Jude’s Miracle Cloth you are able to remove harmful chemicals from your home and stop the spread of household pollutants.

Our Packaging

Please reuse our bag!  This bag is sturdy to hold many different kinds of items, is also food safe and resealable with a zip closure and a vent hole.

It is a food-grade polypropylene bag that can be recycled. Check with your municipality.

Many regions like York Region in Ontario, Canada now have a special Plastic Bag Take-Back Program. Recycled plastic bags are used to make things like new plastic bags, plastic lumber, patio furniture and park benches, battery cables, brooms, brushes, auto battery cases, ice scrapers, landscape borders, bicycle racks, rakes, bins, pallets & trays!

So please recycle them when you are done with the bag. Thank you!

“I have been searching for years to find something to clean my mirrors and glass surfaces without using these unhealthy cleaners on the market. Finally!!!!! A Miracle. Jude's miracle cloth that uses only plain water did the trick. Goodbye to chemicals!! Goodbye to streaking!! A wonderful product. I just ordered 5 of them, one for each room that has any type of windows, mirrors, television, glass tables, tiles etc.”
- Valerie

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