Jude's Miracle Cloth

Jude's Eco-8-Pack

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Feel good about cleaning without harmful chemicals!

Save money & the planet with less waste with our Eco-Pack!!  

Don't need all the separate packaging? Get 2 of every Jude's Miracle Cloth in one package!

Get our Eco-Pack with 2 x white, 2 x blue, 2 x grey, plus 2 x smaller Screen & Lens Wipes.

Colour-code your cleaning cloths for specific jobs in your home.  All Jude's colours do the same job. The grey cloths are ever-so-slightly-thinner to get into the nooks & crannies.  Our 8x8" Screen & Lens Wipes are perfect for cleaning all your eyeglasses, camera lenses, cellphones & tablets. 

FREE Shipping on orders over $100. Call your friends & family and put your Jude's cloth & cleanser orders together to take advantage of the free shipping!

A breeze for eco-conscious germ-free cleaning.

✔︎ Eco friendly Cleaning - Take the 30 day "No Paper Towels" challenge. You'll be surprised what Jude's can replace.

 ✔︎ Premium Quality the finest European Microfiber technology traps 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces with water. Just wash Jude's with soap when you're done.

✔︎ Jude's is tough!  -Washable & reusable. If needed, use Jude's with even the harshest disinfectants. They won't hurt your Miracle Cloth.

✔︎ Replace countless cleaning supplies - use in the kitchen, bathroom, your car, RV or boat, on your electronics, windows and glass, use as a duster or clean any surface.

✔︎ Streak free, spot free, lint free - Streak free windows and glass made easy with a Jude's and water.

✔︎ A truly chemical free option - Want to avoid harsh chemicals? No problem. Jude's picks up bacteria with or without soap or disinfectant.

✔︎  Baby and Pet Safe - Cleaning without harsh chemicals makes your home safe for your children and pets

✔︎ Perfect to make a personal mask - Jude's fabric filters out 96.7% of airborne particles as small as 3 microns!

Please reuse or recycle our food-safe bag

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