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Grey Car Cloths: 2 Pack

$12.99 $15.98 saving $2.99
Grey Car Cloths: 2 Pack

Grey Car Cloths: 2 Pack

$12.99 $15.98 saving $2.99

2 Garage Grey. Just add water to lift up dirt and grime. Clean and polish cars, boats, RV's, electronics, etc. All three Jude's Colours do the same great job!

A no-brainer for the eco-conscious germaphobe.

✔︎ Jude's is tough!  - use Jude's with even the harshest disinfectants. They won't hurt your Miracle Cloth.

✔︎ Premium Quality the finest European Microfiber technology traps in 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces with only water. Just wash Jude's with soap when you're done.

✔︎ Eco friendly Cleaning - Take the 30 day "No Paper Towels" challenge. You'll be surprised what Jude's can replace.

✔︎ Replace countless cleaning supplies - use in the kitchen, bathroom, your car, RV or boat, electronics, windows and glass, use as a duster and clean household surfaces.

✔︎ Streak free, spot free, lint free - Streak free windows and glass made easy with a Jude's and water.

✔︎ A truly chemical free option - Want to avoid harsh chemicals? No problem. Jude's picks up that bacteria with or without soap or disinfectant.

✔︎ Pet and Baby Safe - Clean your pet's or baby's sacred places and things with just water, or add a gentle soap.

It’s All In The Details

In addition to providing a great clean, Jude’s is dedicated to protecting your family and the planet.

  • Eco-friendly

    Reduce waste and chemical pollutants by switching to our reusable and toxin-free cloth.

  • Child Safe

    Protect your children by eliminating your home’s need for potentially harmful disinfectants and detergents.

  • How It Works

    Wet it, wring it, wipe it, and walk away! Yes! It’s that simple!

  • Pet Safe

    Your pets are part of your family, ensure their safety by using Jude’s to clean surfaces they encounter.