Jude's Miracle Cloth

2 Pack Grey Car Cloths (1 Package)

2 Grey Jude's. Just add water to lift up dirt and grime. Clean and polish cars, boats, RV's, electronics, etc. All three Jude's Colours do the same great job! Jude's will NOT scratch!

A no-brainer for the eco-conscious germaphobe.

✔︎ Jude's is tough!  - use Jude's with even the harshest disinfectants. They won't hurt your Miracle Cloth.

✔︎ Premium Quality the finest European Microfiber technology traps 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces with only water. Just wash Jude's with soap when you're done.

✔︎ Eco friendly Cleaning - Take the 30 day "No Paper Towels" challenge. You'll be surprised what Jude's can replace.

✔︎ Replace countless cleaning supplies - use in the kitchen, bathroom, your car, RV or boat, electronics, windows and glass, use as a duster and clean household surfaces.

✔︎ Streak free, spot free, lint free - Streak free windows, glass, chrome & fiberglass made easy with a Jude's and water.

✔︎ A truly chemical free option - Want to avoid harsh chemicals? No problem. Jude's picks up that bacteria with or without soap or disinfectant.

✔︎ Pet and Baby Safe - Clean your pet's or baby's sacred places and things with just water, or add a gentle soap.

✔︎ Perfect to make a personal MASK! - Jude's fabric filters out 96.7% of airborne particles as small as 3 microns!

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