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Interested in carrying Jude’s Miracle Cloth in your store?

We offer wholesale discounts to retailers looking to sell our product! If you own a retail store and would like to become a Jude’s Miracle Cloth reseller, please contact us today at:


Our wholesale advantages include:

  • Well known, Jude’s Miracle Cloth will bring new customers into your store.
  • Tiered pricing allows for discounts on large quantity orders.
  • Quick delivery and order fulfillment.
  • Top quality premium products.

Here’s what a few of our current resellers have said about our cloth and the woman behind it:

“It was a pleasure…to learn there is such a delightful woman behind Jude’s Miracle Cloth. Your product is one of the “amazing finds” and I’ve just used it on my stainless steel appliances, windows, and mirrors. My fridge is now the cleanest it’s been since it came out of its packaging two years ago. It literally sparkles. I can now toss all those stainless steel cleaners I’ve tried that have not worked. The windows and mirrors sparkle. Jude’s Miracle Cloth is, indeed, amazing and should come with a ‘Warning Against Addiction’! We look forward to enthusiastically promoting, Jude’s Miracle Cloth in our “Eat Your Words.”
- Kathy C (Toronto, ON)

“Jude’s Miracle Cloth continues to be our best selling item! Try one, and I promise you’ll be back for more!”
– Miller’s 5 & 10 (Boonville, Indiana)

“I was shopping recently and the owner of the store was raving about these cloths. My daughter and I purchased a couple of them to try and were amazed at how well they worked. My husband used one on the outside of our windows at home and I used one on the inside and our windows have never looked better! They are clean and streak free and all you need is water to rinse them with. I have washed them and used them again and again and they also work beautifully on stainless steel appliances. I was so impressed; I ordered them to sell in the hospital gift shop I manage. I sold 50 in record time and now I'm ordering more. I have a waiting list and they will make great stocking stuffers with Christmas around the corner.”
– Val

“Jude's Miracle Cloth, back in stock!! SERIOUSLY, kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals and paper towels goodbye. Your Jude's Miracle Cloth will clean better than all of them!”
– Simply Zen (Hamilton, ON)