Jude's Miracle Cloth

Jude's Eco-8-Pack

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Feel good about cleaning without harmful chemicals!

Save money & the planet with less waste with our Eco-Pack!!  

Don't need all the separate packaging? Get 2 of every Jude's Miracle Cloth in one package!

Get our Eco-Pack with 2 x white, 2 x blue, 2 x grey, plus 2 x smaller Screen & Lens Wipes.

Colour-code your cleaning cloths for specific jobs in your home.  All Jude's colours do the same job. The grey cloths are ever-so-slightly-thinner to get into the nooks & crannies.  Our 8x8" Screen & Lens Wipes are perfect for cleaning all your eyeglasses, camera lenses, cellphones & tablets. 

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A breeze for eco-conscious germ-free cleaning.

✔︎ Eco friendly Cleaning - Take the 30 day "No Paper Towels" challenge. You'll be surprised what Jude's can replace.

 ✔︎ Premium Quality the finest European Microfiber technology traps 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces with water. Just wash Jude's with soap when you're done.

✔︎ Jude's is tough!  -Washable & reusable. If needed, use Jude's with even the harshest disinfectants. They won't hurt your Miracle Cloth.

✔︎ Replace countless cleaning supplies - use in the kitchen, bathroom, your car, RV or boat, on your electronics, windows and glass, use as a duster or clean any surface.

✔︎ Streak free, spot free, lint free - Streak free windows and glass made easy with a Jude's and water.

✔︎ A truly chemical free option - Want to avoid harsh chemicals? No problem. Jude's picks up bacteria with or without soap or disinfectant.

✔︎  Baby and Pet Safe - Cleaning without harsh chemicals makes your home safe for your children and pets

✔︎ Perfect to make a personal mask - Jude's fabric filters out 96.7% of airborne particles as small as 3 microns!

FOR REALLY DIRTY JOBS,we recommend you use a hose or use an eco-friendly soap & rag FIRST to get the heavy dirt off as it will reduce the risk of grit or large particles getting in your cloth and scratching your window or surface you are cleaning.  Be sure to rinse often while cleaning very dirty surfaces. 

Please reuse or recycle our food-safe bag

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